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respectable ,

Woah, a greatest hits. And not even a very good one.

This went out with absolutely no promotion, and I'm pretty sure not too many people know right now that the DK's have come out with a greatest hits.

Although all the songs here are great, this is a poorly-chosen selection of the Kennedys' best songs. California Uber Alles and Holiday In Cambodia are presented here in the inferior single versions instead of the Fresh Fruit versions, there is nothing from Bedtime For Democracy, and they have much better songs that could've been on there instead of Halloween. And as a whole, it is just too short and not a proper intro to the Dead Kennedys' music.



Five stars for the music, -5 stars for the people trying to rip off Jello.

Spiffy McFrugalberry ,

This is total bull!

If ya want to get into DK get Plastic Surgery Disasters. DK has sold out now. They got 2 songs in guitar hero(remade w/ new singer) and now they're makin' "greatest hits" cds! Even song they ever wrote was their greatest hit! Don't buy into the new DK! Those dumb punk kids will buy anything!
ps. if they had negative stars I would award this album with them.
and oh yeah...DK is one of my fav bands...don't start tellin' me not to dis 'em. I love DK but I know a sellout when I see one.

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