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4.7 out of 5
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275 Ratings

Point619 ,


Listening to this CD makes you feel like whatever you're doing is part of something EPIC in scale. No joke. I listened to this CD on convoys in Afghanistan, and every note of music mixing in with the different scenes from that country were awesome. Listen to it when you start a heavy journey of your own. "Nara" fit just about every situation and it's, in my opinion, the best track on a CD full of GREAT songs. If you don't want the entire CD at least try out "Nara".

Kitty X ,

The preview clips don't do this justice

They really don't predict the beauty of this album. The more dramatic songs have themes of society or Legends, Heros, and the Cursed. The softer songs feel like sun after the storm. (Not all of the softer songs are happy, but it is still welcomed.)
Now, for some description of some of the songs:

Antissa - The only feminine piece. I feel like it's the positive side of a princess. I find it more dramatic or emotional if you imagine it as that in moments where she could hold up the negative archetype and give up, she pushes through.

Tikal - Very easy to think of a "convey fight" or "gladiator fight" piece. But, I like it more as an assassin with a vendetta against a certain person in power. As the piece moves, you can imagine a large street fight trying to stop this person. I love 1:34 - 1:40 as the tired assassin giving up, until the memory of "why" comes back in mind and barely escapes. 2:56 would start the infiltration and plotting out the strike and 3:20 as the start assassination attempt.

Harappa - Sophisticated Evil Ruler. (The only person I can think of is Omega Rugal, from the King of Fighters video games.)

Ebla - Song of a Dark Knight. Strong intro, then at 0:35, our view is lead to our Dark Knight and that first beat after is his intro; 0:50, his bow. A man very celebrated and would do anything for his king. Holds the morals of a good knight, but puts them aside to serve his evil king. I imagine it as an epic battle between two friends. I won't tell my interpretation of the fight, though.

Nara - I love it as "the life of a legend" (legendary good knight, that is. "Man with the heart of a Lion"). Flashbacks of his 1st fight, love / marriage / children. I like to think of the refrain more of his last battle, which ends his life.

Nineveh - The evil of politics. The fanfare at the end is like the people agree with our politican's speech, finally united as a country, but by a goal of bloodthirst. (I won't mention which certain leaders would come to mind.) The ending's like WOW.

Menouthis - Busy eastern city. (I think it was used in one of the "Tomb Raider" movie promos.) You might already know this one.

Pompeii - at least the most fun to play on Halloween. It has a heavy feel. There are sounds which says damnation, cursed, death, and is obviously about some type of evil.

elp ,

E.S. Posthumus

You've probably heard it before. On TV, movie trailers, the Cold Case theme, ect. These brothers certainly have an "experimental" sound. Honestly, I don't know how to classify this album except to say a fun mix of orchestra and new age sounds.

The song "Nara" is what got me searching. This is by far one of the coolest songs I've heard. Its a dramic, emotional song with a strong beat that goes from soothing and calm to intense and edgy in a beautifully flowing way. If you only check out one song, this is the one to hear. I personally think its the highlight, if not the strongest song the album has going.

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