Editors’ Notes Keane have been messing around with their sound ever since they received their first comparisons to Radiohead and Coldplay. Now, they’re in that elusive space where no one’s really sure where to categorize them. There’s still plenty of mood emanating from tracks such as “House Lights” and “Your Love.“  And there’s still plenty of jovial pop cranking forth from “Clear Skies” and the U2-like “Back In Time.” But, most interestingly, there are dance beats calling you to the dance floor with “Stop for a Minute,” featuring Somali rapper K’naan and here with an additional remix and video, “Ishin Denshin (You’ve Got To Help Yourself)” with Tigarah and “Looking Back” also featuring K’naan. There’s still the heartfelt piano ballad of “My Shadow” for those looking for the emotional ties of old. But Keane are likely to keep checking out new ground wherever they can find it. This British trio have never let their size limit them and they aren’t about to be bound by anyone’s expectations. They have a world of music to explore.