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3 Ratings

csbrown81 ,


I am a huge, huge Squarepusher fan, so I must have everything. This is not one of my favorites, however, although "My Red Hot Car" is a GREAT track. As a complete release though, this pales in comparison to most of his other work. Track 1 is a cleaner sounding version of the song, compared to track 2, which is the album version. It's essentially the same, just tweaked and messed with. "Hardcore Obelisk" is straight ambient, not bad, but not great either. Track 4 is basically a remix of "I Wish You Could Talk" from Go Plastic, which is decent. Then, my biggest irritation, it takes nearly a half hour to reach the final track which is a decent Eno-esque piece of ambient. It's annoying to hold down the fast-forward button that long, and I don't see any point in that sort of gimmick, which is used WAY too much.

Anyway - if you're new to Squarepusher's work, check out "My Red Hot Car", it's a great intro. And for great albums, get Feed Me Wierd Things, Venus # 17 EP, Hard Normal Daddy, Hello Everything...ah, what the hell, they're all great!

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