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41 Ratings

BCSurvivor_Mel ,

Jason Aldean Rocks!

I enjoy all of JA's music. His music rocks!!! Definitely gives county music a whole new perspective & it's really cool to have a new way of listening to great music especially if & or when he is the artist! It's a wow factor & absolutely unbelievable that talented it's a song he sings the song.that as a young
Let's just say…this man has got it going on! He's totally awesome & always outstanding every time you hear or watch him perform!
Awesome Music!
Great Entertainer!
Loves to play to the best of his ability at all times (ya can see that he has a true love & passion for his music & that's a rather big & huge impact to the audience. His overall talent as a young individual in such a high demanding & trying industry…never has an negative effect on himself or his music. His confidence exudes & excels as an amazing artist in the country music talent.
He stands out not like anyone else & never dampens his enthusiasm or energy just as his love of country music that he's ever so passionate about.
His love for country music; his hometown; his fans who follow him as a ritual to get a new better between the lines glance at the guy who is an influential & incredible man.
One known to humankind as a wonderfully talented young artist as his music is fun, remarkable & it exudes expectations of all with an outrageously successful lifestyle.
He's gotta be the best in today's country
His way of keeping the country in country is an important piece for all country music lovers! Gotta keep it country!! Anyone who loves country music is a country person so it's a big deal which is what everyone loves & wants to hear!! Especially those country folks
However, JA's style seems to know exactly how it is supposed to be because it's right on the spot as it should be! He's gotta be a top notch perfection in his way of doing it the exact way everyone thinks it should be.
He's got a way of thinking new but old also
He's able to keep country music…country but at the same time keeping up to date on the newest way country music is done.
And let me be the 1st to admit… he does it very well too : )
He's the perfect example of what "today's" style-version of country music is all about!
Basically…He's got just what it takes!
He's got it all…
Knowing he's ever so passionate about his career in this modern day industry.

To sum it up...
He's an all together wholesome good guy.
He loves what he does & he does it really well – with his love!¡!¡!
We love the simple perfection he portrays!
((lol)) come on ladies…just accept the fact & roll with it! Don't leave me hanging alone when ya know ya feel the same way!!

I think others would agree he's not a fake… like typical these days because he always seems like a good ole wholesome country boy who's passionate about entertaining & giving the audience everything imaginable!
He's gotta way of bringing his music to life allowing a kinda behind the scenes feeling that you can easily see & always expect.

It's enjoyable & a lot of fun & excitement to be a part of as a viewer & enjoyable as well as the his music to & look at behind the scenes & surpasses expectation imagination about everything possible expectations for country music & is the real deal & truly talented. He's gonna give the best performance @ all times.
•••love•••JA's music!!
He's gotta good thing going that's for sure.

He is extremely talented. Rarity these days
Easy to see his music makes him happy!!
Outshines every time!!!


DK devilplayground ,

Excellent album!

Itunes track listing is wrong here. This is the real order.

1. Tattoos On This Town
2. Dirt Road Anthem
3. Church Pew Or Bar Stool
4. Just Passing Through
5. Fly Over States
6. My Kinda Party
7. I Ain't Ready To Quit
8. It Ain't Easy
9. Country Boy's World
10. The Heartache That Don't Stop Hurting
11. Texas Was You
12. Don't You Wanna Stay
13. See You When I See You
14. If She Could See Me Now
15. Days Like These

❤️narwalll ,

Midwest Glory


Any song that glorifies the glorious Midwest is a good song in my opinion 😋

When you wanna be a flight attendant and you see a song literally called “Fly over states” 😁😁😁😁

When you, who only listens to Carrie Underwood when it comes to country, end up loving this.😁😂

When your next trip is over all these states!😂😁😁😁😁😁😁


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