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5 Ratings

mylovehawaii ,


My Hawaii you can never take away! This song brought tears to my eyes. This is a cry out to our people, there doesn't seem to be much we can do about the past but going forward we need to be more protective about our homelands in every way possible. We must somehow try to stop over crowding. This is just an island, not a continent. Yes we have ALOHA HERE. SO ITS HARD FOR US TO DO THIS. But our politicians need to be more involved in figuring some sort of plan to protect not only the 'aina but also our people. Something to help prevent the increasing population or influx of people and the driving costs for local residents to even survive here. Local families have to move away to live comfortably elsewhere usually selling their home to investors or foreigners most who aren't interested in living here, but just want to make money by capitalizing on buying up land, houses, beach front properties, etc. Then there are the people who can afford to buy a house and move here because they can see it's a great place to settle. So ironically we are switching places. Hawaii residents go to the states and mainland residents come here. I am not against people desiring to move here but somehow there has to be a way to limit or control what's happening. Our keiki cannot afford the future, sad to say. That's why this song is a cry out! MY HAWAII YOU CAN NEVER TAKE AWAY! MY HAWAII IS BEING TAKEN AWAY! Let's unite people live this message in this song and figure how to stop this from happening, our Hawaiian way peacefully, stand strong and kokua!

Bohdi Satva ,

Universal message

To my ears, sounds amazing and thank you to The Green and Artists for producing such melody. Hawaii is a sacred and fragile land that needs more warriors but this message can apply to all lands and should be broadcasted. Fight for preservation, understanding, peace and harmony.

Pans Garden ,


Timeless and eternal message ....inspiring beats and rhythm....
Uplifting and beautiful vocals... nuff said buy it...play it loud and watch the shift take place

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