Editors’ Notes Best known as a two time champion on the popular ABC televised reality contest Dancing with the Stars, Julianne Hough has also won the renowned International Latin Youth Champion and Junior Blackpool World Latin Champion awards, and helped choreograph a video for Gwen Stefani. The catchy single from her first foray into country music, "Will You Dance With Me, " is oddly absent from this self-titled album, but "That Song In My Head" is another chartbuster that opens things with a bouncing, rootsy, rhythm section and sunny melodies that frolic around bubbly, optimistic lyrics. "Jimmy Ray McGee" is a standout ballad and the sassy "Hello" injects some attitude into another hit worthy number. If you like heartbreaking country songs, you won't find them here. Hough's debut is brimming over with feel good country pop, but considering that not too many attractive, ambitious, successful 19-year olds have had their hearts crushed, it's actually much more believable this way.