10 melodii, 38 minute


Anthems of praise from the worship group.


Anthems of praise from the worship group.


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4.6 din 5
58 evaluări

58 evaluări

Jmanning56 ,

Get over it.

Gave this album a 5 star review because these guys who are complaining about a photograph being similar to another album cover. Get a life.

Authentic Alisa ,


Ok FIRST OF ALL who cares what the album cover looks like? These people are an amazing group that is producing wonderful, uplifting, and soul touching music! You are really going to give it one star because the cover might be unoriginal? Let’s focus on what really matters and it’s about the message and the way it makes you feel. Scars is now one of my fav songs of all time and I spent an entire day playing it on repeat and crying intermittently. Pay attention to what matters. Let everything else go. 💕 100% preordering this and YOU SHOULD TO!!!

jo021698j ,

Originality to Generic... Again.

Unfortunately with CCM Industry... all of the artists/bands are starting to move away from an artistic sound to a generic worship sound. I AM THEY had a solid first album with an folky vibe that separated them from many other bands, but with this album, they fit into the generic worship mode... Production wise, songwriting wise, and melodically. It’s hard to listen to this shift over and over again with so many CCM products.

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