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D. Conner ,

Top of the World

Despite the scores of recordings of the Mozart violin concertos, it's a world of have and have nots. It's not a matter of technical mastery; most violinists who record the masterpieces are world-class. Like a kind of natural selection, conquering the highly exposed and highly difficult pieces will leave only the fittest standing. Rarely, however, will you hear a recording with not only perfect playing but also with a highly attuned sensitivity, making plausible interpretations of the composer's voice, which is a complex one, full of wit and humor, exuberance and teenaged vitality, passion and depth of emotion (yes, emotion, even in the Classical Period). But Richard Tognetti and his Australian Chamber Orchestra scale this Everest of classical music accomplishment like it's second nature.

With an almost startling ease, the soloist and the ensemble, having made the jump to authentic instruments and techniques for these recordings, speak the speech, trippingly off the bows and reeds. The first time I heard it, I was sitting in my car listening to the local classical music station (KUSC Los Angeles) when I tuned in just as the 3rd movement of the 4th concerto began. It was like I was hearing it for the first time. I was floored by how effortless and unencumbered yet how infinitely careful Tognetti's playing was, and how each section of the orchestra owned their parts with such clarity and conviction--playing notes I'd never caught before--as to enlighten the music and the genius of Mozart in a new, truer and more exciting way.

I believe a new bar has been set--one other ensembles and soloists can only hope to meet, with very little chance of surpassing.

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