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4.3 out of 5
80 Ratings

80 Ratings

arpanon ,


I know I sound like a snob here, and I recognize that the cast recording itself is good, but I can’t help compare it to the original movie. The movie is timeless and a classic and I love it so much. So some of these song additions and changes I don’t love at all. And my continued unpopular opinion is that Tveit was okay, and Olivo was okay, but completely lacked chemistry. It didn’t feel like I was watching Christian and Satine, it felt like I was watching a completely different couple. The casting other than these two I liked a lot. I think Tveit would be better with a different Satine. Idk. Overall I enjoyed it and the set was showstoppingly gorgeous but I can’t be the ONLY one who feels this way about the music???

MSU92 ,

Just Stop

Those that are comparing the Movie to the Musical need to get over it. They are two totally different things. I thought this production was INCREDIBLE. I've never seen the movie. I've been to several musicals made from movies. Changes are always made. The movie is pushing 20 years old, of course they were going to update some of the music. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it horrible, just like me loving it doesn't make it great.

rararaz ,


I love this soundtrack. I prefer it to the movie. The cast is amazingly talented, especially Aaron Tveit.