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3 Ratings

KathyPiano7 ,

From MainlyPiano

With "Mosaic," David Wahler returns to his lyrical “soundscapes that tell a story,” taking listeners on a warm and uplifting aural journey guaranteed to soothe, relax, and remove any of the rough edges of the day. Piano, keyboards and synths blended with occasional wordless vocals showcase the best of what “new age” music has to offer - beautiful sounds that offer the listener so much more than just entertainment.

Wahler has released six albums to date and has garnered a very impressive group of awards along the way. His 2009 debut, "Antiquus," and its follow-up, "A Star Danced," received the “Best Relaxation/Meditation Album” awards from Zone Music Reporter in 2009 and 2010, and Wahler was named “Best New Artist” by ZMR in 2009. His albums have been nominated for several other ZMR awards between 2009 and 2015. I’m sure "Mosaic" will add more items to this list of awards and honors!

David Wahler started playing the piano by ear as a young child before beginning formal lessons, earning many first place awards at state piano competitions. He later enrolled in the Berklee College of Music’s Electronic Music Production program and a new world opened up to him. I’m sure that Wahler’s understanding of classical music makes a strong contribution to the beauty and cohesiveness of his electronic compositions.

"Mosaic" opens with the title track, a piece that is made up of many diverse parts that the listener can tune into individually and then pull back from to get the full effect of how the many components work together. It’s a great start to the album and sets the tone for the music that follows. “Afterain” expresses the freshness of the world after a spring rain (I live on the Oregon Coast and am VERY familiar with this!!!). Light and delicate with the sounds of birds and small bell-like effects, this piece almost sparkles. “A Promise to Keep” has piano with gentle atmospheric instrumentation and voices that cast a magical spell. The simplicity of the melody is perfect and surrounds the listener with warmth and and a sense of well-being. “A Child of the Universe” features the angelic voices of The Pacific Boy Choir along with strings, piano and flutes (plus other sounds). This piece also has a very magical quality that evokes many visual images. “August Cloud” becomes much quieter and more hypnotic while remaining very warm and soothing. “Heading Home” is musical tranquility at its best, keeping it simple, elegant and enveloping (like a musical hug!). “Lone Sky Night” is somewhat reminiscent of the best electronic music of the late 1980’s and early ’90’s with the improved production values of today. It can be very difficult to name a favorite piece on an album this good, but this one has a slight edge over the others - I LOVE IT! I also really love the closing track, “Why?,” which could be a quiet meditation or reflection on any number of recent events that have elicited that question. Wahler obviously has a clear understanding that “less is more” in this case, creating a deeply emotional quality while keeping it simple and very direct.

I have loved all of David Wahler’s albums, but "Mosaic" is my favorite (so far) and I guarantee that it will be one of my Favorite Albums of this year. I give it my highest recommendation.

Super VJ Land ,

A beautiful Return to his roots

Although my favorite David Wahler’s albums are “Antiquus” and “A Star Danced”, ive always supported his other ventures into different sounds and styles. Now we have a new album called “Mosaic”, and im very happy to say that this is a “3.0 look” into Mr. Wahlers early work that made him the new age superstar we learned to love.

Im gonna bleed my ears hearing this masterpiece!

pianohombre1984 ,

Wonderful Album by Composer David Wahler

Mosaic is the newest album by David Wahler. I looked up artist David Wahler and found that he is a very prolific artist in the new age genre with six albums to date. The album has soothing synth, piano, light vocals, and pads along with other instruments. If you are a fan of Vangelis or other synth based music you will love this album.
"Mosaic" is the first track that starts with a gentle keyboard lead and then continues with subtle pads. It continues to build until haunting vocals come in and fade out the piece. "Afterain" beings with some subtle nature sounds and then some descending piano chords that put the listener in a dream like state. "A Promise to Keep" starts with simple piano notes in left hand and simple high notes that really set the mood. Simple but very relaxing and the mood stays relaxed with the pad coming in to complement the melody.
"Child of the Universe" starts with dramatic strings with a very sad and expressive vibe. It reminds me of music I would hear during a nature documentary. Vocals come in with the same sad feeling but when piano comes in it changes the mood of the piece to a more happy place. Beautiful! "August Cloud" is the next piece and starts with piano and a very beautiful synth sound. I love the synth sound and this is probably my favorite piece. The synth sounds in "August Cloud" remind me of the work of Vangelis which I am a huge fan.
"Elysian Dawn" is another piece that starts with nature sounds and soft keyboard leads. Contemplative vocals come in to complement the melody that synth takes over. I would love to know who is singing the vocal line because she has a very beautiful voice. "Heading Home" beings with piano and the continues with light, soothing percussion again with voice. I love David Wahler's use of percussion in his music. He doesn't have too much and it adds to the gentle, peaceful vibe of his music.
"Lone Sky Night" was a piece that caught my attention. I love pieces that can put scenes in my mind and this is one of them. It reminds me of the earlier music of Yanni and puts images in my head of staring at a full night of sky of stars in the middle of the desert. Of course, everyone is going to have different images and that is what makes music beautiful.
If you are a fan of electronic new age music I highly recommend this album. You can download it on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital retailers!

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