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3 Ratings

Hope This is Helpful ,

Great to hear a different culture enjoying an old school way of doing things.

I must say, I really enjoyed many of the songs on this album. Very tasteful and wonderful musicianship by all the musicians.
The vocals are very intimate and expressive. The pronunciations are surprisingly clear, though some may not sit well with the accent (it's not that heavy, actually). The other musicians, are themselves tasteful and classy. Definitely carries that chill/lax nightclub vibe. The variety is good...both in tempos and styles (swing and Latin). All in all, the musicians know there stuff and put up a very classy performance. Jazz is a language that many cultures can understand :-)

gmonet ,

What if?

What if a non Westerner were to sing many of the songs we know in their native language? It worked for many a Brazilian, it worked for many a German having their favorite operas sung in the popular Italian vernacular of the 18th cetnury.
So when I hear the distinct mis-pronunciation of a great lyric, but a pheonominal arrangement fo the melody I ask..why not sing it in your "tongue?" It might not work, but it sure does nto remind me of all those South Vietnamese and Philipino bars we used to frequent while in the Marines.
This has great musicianship but poor translation, which messes up the "flow." I could have loved this collection..she's beautiful and so is the voice.
As Gipetto once said "Stay wood, boy!"

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