Moody, Standard and Poor

Moody, Standard and Poor

Obits play taut, muscular rock n’ roll with a distinct undercurrent of danger. This second release is similar to their first in terms of overall attack and sound, and that’s a good thing. Moody, Standard and Poor knocks out a dozen aggressive cuts in 35 minutes leaving you sweaty and with a satisfied grin on your face. Backed by a solid rhythm section the quartet features two excellent guitarists in Rick Froberg and Sohrab Habibion who rock hard while also showing off serious chops. Spikey riffs ricochet off power chords at urgent tempos on standouts “You Gotta Lose,” “I Want Results,” “Naked to the World,” and “New August” as howling vocals vent their frustrations. Having a bad day? Crank the caustic screed that is “No Fly List” and you’ll chuckle and air guitar your way to catharsis. Moody, Standard and Poor is hard-driving, no-frills guitar rock done well. Turn it up.

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