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15 Ratings

Sheep Machine ,


I've immensely enjoyed all the re-recorded versions that One-Eyed Doll has released of their songs over the past year ("Committed" single; "Roses," "Fight," and "Plumes of Death" on Dirty…), and finally they've gone and done a whole album! It may be the same songs as the original Monster, but Remonstered is a huge jump up in terms of sound. Everything feels much bigger and more immediate, thanks to the reworked balance between drums, guitar, and vocals. Songs I initially didn't give much thought to, like "Pretty Song" and "Ramblings of the Ungodly," really shine.

Monster was the first One-Eyed Doll album I heard, so this new recording kind of makes me nostalgic but is also amazing in its own way. Great for old fans and newcomers alike!

We'reAllWhite ,

Destined to be a classic

With every strum of the guitar and every beat of the drum, you can feel the power and emotion from this duo. The love for music and self expression is hard not to notice when Kimberly sings. With this re-release of what might be their greatest work, Kimberly and Junior have captured the essence of what it means to feel. Love, pain, fear, anger and peace are on display in this masterwork.

Scaper1812 ,

Wicked Cool!

One-Eyed Doll is a band that is not complacent to just sit around and be satisfied with simply awesome, on this album they have shown us even more of their talent by re-recording and tweaking their previous masterpiece of an album Monster. The vocals of Kimberly shine through even more so and Junior is laying the groundwork so deep that not even an earthquake could shake its foundation. If you are a fan, then you need this album. If you are not a fan YET, you will be after this album.

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