Editors’ Notes Long Beach, Calif.–based Delta Spirit expands its rootsy approach for its self-titled third album. Matt Vasquez and Kelly Winrich have a taste for the grand gesture. As the opening track, "Empty House," builds to its crescendo, elements of Bruce Springsteen and The Waterboys can be heard bleeding through the serious intentions. Advanced electronics give a sense of modernity to "Tear It Up" and a mirage of soothing colors to "Otherside," where keyboards swirl like a carousel on a boardwalk empire. "Tellin' the Mind" lets the band's fans know this is a group clearly leaving its rustic roots in the past, despite whatever hints are present in the falsetto-sung letter to Vasquez's wife on "Yamaha" and the heartland rock of "Into the Darkness." Delta Spirit is clearly a band in transition, finding new ground and learning its contours. This leads to unexpected surprises and stylistic chances that keep things intriguing.