17 Songs, 43 Minutes


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5.0 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

NathanHoobler ,

Fabulous for the Odyssey fan

Such brilliance could only be written by true fans of the Adventures in Odyssey radio series.

Klompengard ,


I haven't bought the album yet, but from hearing the sample tracks I have come to this conclusion: this album will SOUND LIKE AWESOME!!!

ismosck04me ,

Absolutely Amazing!!

I have been listening to the ceiling fan since the road trip, and have every single 95 things you guys have done on my ipod. I love it!!!!! There is nothing i dont like about it, except for maybe the time between episodes. I listen to the new episodes within 30 minutes of downloading it. All the band episodes are great, and when i heard about the album coming out, i was so excited!!! My brothers and I love the songs, especially the way back and the tooth fairy song. They like the stale cheeto in the way back ( we have a minivan.) But they are 7 and ten. The songs are absolutley hillarious. I listen to the ceiling fan more than music and i am a huge music person. I love the song hiding. As i said i have every single thing you guys have done, and i will definetly be adding this album to my music collection as soon as i have enough money. You guys have so much god given talent, and you are using it in such a great way. Keep going :).
Oh, you really need to have a girl on the show. I want to be on the ceiling fan!! That would be LIKE AWESOME! Ethan should have a girlfriend that barely speaks english. That would be si funny, just a random fan of the show who has a crush on ethan and keeps calling him or something. I am the girl at school who is always doing voices and responding to questions in accents.
As i said, you guys are great!!!! Keep making the ceiling fan, and i am so anxious to hear the conclusion to Episode 42 part 2.

From, the Second biggest ceiling fan fan( garrett, i am not even going to go there)