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3 Ratings

DerekHolmes ,

im not a good american girl... but i relate

dunno what it is about her, but within a mere stanza or 2, mitski throttles me back to a decade or so ago, high school years, and a dark em10 years of dormaotion i forgot i carried back then suddenly rises from 10 years of dormancy. They say olefactory memories are the strongest and most rralistic recollection of past experiences, but for me, its echoic memory brought about by auditory expressions of ms mitski miyawaki. I truly felt emotions that i forgot i was capable of, simply from watching her live on youtube and her videos on vevo. Can't shower her with enough praise. And when she performs "class of 2013" on audiotree.... good-goddamn does this girl have balls. I could never put myself out there like that, but then again, neither could any other artist ive seen other than mitski..... so yeah..... im pretty much in love.... twitterpated even

DavidDePriest_ ,

The Best Version of Many of these Songs

Mitski is an incredibly talented artist, and her songs take on a new resonance in the live format.

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