Editors’ Notes Superchick wraps up a productive dozen years as a Christian pop/rock unit with Recollection, a best-of anthology that includes five new tunes. With the passing of drummer Chase Lovelace, the group decided to close its successful run on a note of gratitude and optimism. The album benefits from interspersing remixes with original studio cuts as it traces the band’s musical growth. Moving from recent works back to Superchick's beginnings, the track sequencing gives a sense of singer Tricia Brock’s increasing scope and ability—contrasting her bold, confident presence on “Rock What You Got” with her raw punk energy on early tunes like “Barlow Girls” and “Get Up.” Football-cheer rockers like “Hey Hey,” high-gloss funk numbers like “Pure,” and vulnerable ballads like “Beauty from Pain” testify to Superchick’s impressive eclecticism. The newly recorded tracks include buoyant dance workouts (“Mr. DJ”), modern gospel tunes (“Hope”), and expansive orchestral pop pieces (“This Is the Time”). Unifying these diverse musical strands is a positive take on faith that faces up to real-life problems with an honesty that avoids sappiness.