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23 Ratings

Studio 1:17 ,

If my soul had ears, it would be crying tears of joy!

Solar Fields continues to be one of the most innovative ambient/electronic artists in the world. I have everything he has ever produced and I'm never disappointed. The first video game he scored (the original Mirror's Edge) was fast, striking, and something you could listen to without playing the game. In fact I bought the game after hearing the score.
Well, Catalyst is no different. However, where he used techno and house influences in the first game, he has stayed with a more progressive, trance-like sound to convey tension and energy.
And let me say how impressive it is to listen to a game score where tracks are in the +10 minute mark. It's like listening to a story inside a single song.
Now I know why we haven't heard anything from him in so long. Cause he was being awesome! Again! Nice job Solar Fields!

Jbtransporter ,


Love this. I listened to it while driving through some winding country roads today. Good workout music too. Solar Fields has some great stuff.

James Avestruz ,

Incredible score, unbelievable presentation.

I don't have enough space to describe what the music in the Mirror's Edge series does to me. But I can try to explain how well it meshes with the visuals, the gameplay, and the world. Because of those things, it helps wrap the experience together into a cohesive whole.

The music is stellar, but the fact that the colossal amount of dynamic music in the game has been almost 100% represented in this soundtrack release is something that deserves special mention.

I have not seen a dynamic score get this much respect in the history of video games. The closest any other release has come is GTAV's score album, but even that compresses the potentially wildly variant music and soundscapes the musicians worked so hard on into tiny, 5-minute-long tracks. It is criminal. There are no such compromises here.

This soundtrack, this new game, everything about them screams "love letter to the fans", and it really floors me how much respect the creators all have for us. Do yourself a favor, and grab this soundtrack. It is absolutely incredible music for working, for biking, for browsing the web, and any other situation where you need beautiful musical textures enveloping you. Thanks so much for creating this amazing work, Solar Fields! You've got a life-long fan in me after this album.

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