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38 Ratings

A Sparks Fan ,

John McVie's Bass Work

I've listened to this album for years but just purchased the deluxe edition with remastered tracks - my goodness, John McVie's bass work on this album is totally underrated. Perhaps in a group that's packed with strong personalities and intrigue it's easy to get lost in the mix...perhaps it's because I just never paid attention to the bass work on this album. If you have a good set of headphones and some time to listen, go through the album one time while just listening to the bass. You won't be disappointed.

Now I have to go back and listen to all my other FM albums.

monty5 ,

Seeing is Believing

Another great Fleetwood Mac gem - definitely their most under-rated, following up the mega double hit/experimental TUSK (I still think it's one of their greatest) Mirage was like the dust settling after a major change in musical direction (thanks Lindsay) of Tusk and the vast tour that followed. My understanding is that they needed to contractually bang out another WB release per contract but they were in Europe finishing TUSK tour and on hiatus, they ended up at the Château d'Hérouville in France to record the new album - Stevie claims it was haunted...what haunts me more is why she only got to record three songs on the album. She is at her best here - her solo career taking off - I'm sure that's why her two great gems were cut out "If You Were My Love" and "Smile At You". Angry band members. VERY sad but so happy they are here to enjoy. The album's remaster is FANTASTIC and the B-sides/alternatives and out-takes are all outstanding and really show how an album truly develops in the studio, although some of the raw tracks have a completely different personality all together - it's a joy to hear them. There is a country tinge to the album as well, mixed with upbeat sonic pop...check out Cool Water. A Masterpiece single. This is a truly great treat for all Fleetwood Mac fans...even if you are not. It still holds up today, sounding more fresh and colorful then it did back in 1984. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I guess it's safe to say we can expect a re-issue of Tango In The Night next...

TimVa ,

Exciting and Fresh

Mirage ranks right up there with Rumors for me. It was highly under rated and every song is a treat. The early version of Hold Me is excellent and gives us a taste of how a song evolves into a great hit. It will be a lot of fun to see how some of the other songs began and what they changed. I can't wait till the July release. I'm especially anxious to hear the video version of Gypsy which is extended and the early version of it.
Fleetwood Mac is always intriguing and this keeps their legacy fresh. It always leaves me wanting more. Good job FM!

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