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107 Ratings

greenman2125 ,

Brilliant Boulevard

1.Excuses: An emotional, futuristic dubstep approach is taken on this track. This glitchy and bassy experiment transports the listener to another world, one where toward the end of the track everything in an industrial reality seems to be coming undone. Great tune.
2.Pretentious: Groovy is one adjective that could describe this track. It´s stripped clean, fresh and uncut. Its simple yet infectious beat induces in the listener an inevitable sway.
3.Anything New: Bibio seems to hint a lot of 70´s feel in his music, and Anything New does just that. Purely organic and uplifting vibes is what I get from this lively tune.
4.Wake up!: A filtered Middle Eastern horn introduces this love song that penetrates deep into the soul. Although pretty static throughout, this song is quite pleasing to ear, and instrumentally unique and elegant.
5.Light Seep: Quite possibly my favorite song off the album, although the closing song definitely competes. This too has love notes, but is a little more funky and mysterious. Really solid sound arrangement.
6.Take Your Shirt Off: Definitely the outlier of the album, but it does not underachieve in any way. A strong rock-dance beat drives this song along with a pretty cool vocal.
7.Artist´s Valley: This song is so unique, dreamy, woozy and quite poetic lyrically. It´s a lot more glitchy than Excuses but it flows in a way that calms the mind.
8.K for Kelson: I can see this being part of the score for some T.V. series. A fun and hummable song.
Mind Bokeh: Ambient, hazy and self-reflexive. Beautiful.
9.More Excuses: Bibio´s preoccupied voice in the first half of this song kind of sets pace for an anxious listening. The second half is definitely a good resolution to the beginning.
10.Feminine Eye: Another track that brings you back. A shorty but a goodie.
11.Saint Christopher: An absolutely perfect concluding song. Pretty much like all of Bibio´s songs, this song really evokes a feeling of pure contentment. The ambient soundscape created makes you feel aboard a ship ride on a crisp sunny morning. Happiness on the decks, love in the air, and life really just appreciated for the little things, like this song. Top notch I have to say.

Michelle T. ,

Already knew it would be great...

When I heard the album sampler, I was instantly sold.
This album is one that I can proudly say, I have no other album that sounds like it in my iTunes library.
All of the songs are great, but the stand out track is Saint Christopher. The beauty of that track alone
should be enough to make you buy the whole album.

Take Off Your Shirt, I am almost certain, will be heard on a commercial in the US somewhere.
Great album!

leviathan42 ,


Favorites in order from most to least:
Saint Christopher
Feminine Eye
More Excuses
Wake Up!
Light Seep
Mind Bokeh
Anything New
K is for Kelson
Artists Valley
Take Off Your Shirt

They are all positively phenomenal though! Pick up this record!

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