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6 Ratings

jeffrey__b ,

questing and other songs

In interviews about this album she has said it gets its name from being created during the late night hours. After many times of listening to this album, mostly during the day, I find it a highly adaptable and useful suite of music to maintain concentration. The album is largely what could be considered instrumental. The album is perfect for listening to while driving, working, or semi-meditative thought without getting redundant. The song names are creative and perhaps give us insight into Tokimonsta’s fascination with the familiar, random, and obscure.

The album starts off with “Gamble,” and it is a wonderful, pleasant tune you might expect to hear in a lounge of an upscale hotel or international airline club. On the second song, “Sweet Day,” I imagine the synthesizers calling out to me while I experience a walk on a sunny morning in the suburbs of Los Angeles. “Sa Mo Jung” is a brief trip of discovery into some Korean roots by incorporating distinct regional rhythms. “Death by Disco” is an upbeat caricature of disco music that one might enjoy at thirty thousand feet. “Look-A-Like” is trying to tell us something, perhaps confuse us at the same time with its muffled processed alien vocal and video game sounds. The concept of a “Cheese Smoothie” seems a bit harsh and the song is a bit heavier and complex, as the name might suggest. “Lucid Walking” starts with a chant, Korean drums, and continues with complex beats and processed synths. “Solitary Joy” is the only traditional lyrical song on Midnight Menu. “Solitary Joy” expresses something distinctly melancholy and conveys timelessness. “Simple Reminder” is a relaxed thinking song taking us back to a cheerier place with what sounds like video game samba-type rhythms.

“Questing,” as its name might suggest, is a more aggressive tune in which you can imagine yourself as a character in a video game exploring some new outer space or underwater world. You are floating while achieving new exciting discoveries and temporarily shielded from danger.

The start of “Madness” is the dramatic crest of the album, with its distinct and driving guitar and drum intro. The song quickly moves toward a more leisurely pace with subdued but complex rhythms. When doing work, the intro of “Madness” causes me to pause for a moment and then quickly pick up where I left off, creating a much-needed pause for reflection, even just to check the time.

“Bready Soul” and “Lovely Soul” provide a perfect ending to the non-lyrical tracks on the album. “Lovely Soul” has female vocal sounds but with no distinguishable lyrics. This provides an extra boost of positivity with a tinge of nostalgic reflection. The iTunes album ends with a remix of “Solitary Joy” proving even more addictive than the first time the song is introduced. The lyrics of the refrain in “Solitary Joy” call us to “start again.” This message is an impeccable match with the remixes’ position as the final song. The song asks us to repeat the album yet again just in case we missed something the first time. Thanks to Tokimonsta’s skilled tuning of this album, there is always something left for the next time. I have listened to this album and I often think how intriguing it would have been to be with her as she was creating this, all after midnight.

Andrew Renslow ,

Chillest tunes


kwdubs ,

Love it!

Great music by TOKiMONSTA. No surprise there.


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