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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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1.9K Ratings

EverythingAndNothing ,

Papa Roach just aren't what they used to be

I am still upset about Papa Roach pulling the old bait and switch combo on us. They released Infest which was such a great album. Sure, they used some Iron Maiden riffs but it was a great nu-metal album. Then Papa Roach released lovehatetragedy which still had some nu-metal elements but was mainly a hard rock album. Getting Away With Murder saw Papa Roach mixing both nu-metal and radio rock to come out with an OK album. Then The Paramour Session came out which is nothing more than a bland radio rock album. The interesting thing is that Papa Roach's demo (Potatoes For Christmas) came out before The Paramour Session's release. This allowed us to listen to who Papa Roach really was: a bland radio rock band. Metamorphosis sounds like it could have been a Paramour Session vol. 2. Songs such as Had Enough, March Out Of The Darkness, and Live This Down blend right in with the rest of the generic radio rock scene. Change Or Die and I Almost Told You That I Loved You have some lovehatetragedy elements but they are still bland. There is really only one standout song that older fans may like: Hollywood W***e.

It is sad to see a nu-metal band completely change genres over the years and come out with music like this. I am not saying that Papa Roach should have produced the same sound after all these years but they completely changed genres. Most nu-metal bands have done this in order to try to stay successful. Unfortunately, the bland radio rock genre seems to be pulling them in (when will people stop listening to these generic songs). Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Staind, Incubus, P.O.D., and many other nu-metal bands have all migrated into the generic radio rock arena. It sells records but this music is bland, follows predictable formulas, and sounds like everything else that is out there.

I was hoping that Metamorphosis was going to sound more like Getting Away With Murder or Infest but it doesn't. I guess Metamorphosis is a good title as Papa Roach has completely changed into a generic radio rock band. It hurts me to say this especially since I have been listening to them since the year 2000. I am sure a bunch of people are going to disagree with me since generic radio rock seems to be the trend today (along with emo). I don't really care though. I am not going to change my opinion simply because the majority of people like something (or dislike it). Papa Roach: what happened to you?

Flesheater ,

I never do this but I feel the need to Since I used to be a huge fan


Now if somebody wants to start with me go ahead. But these dudes are just in it for the money now. Nothing is classey in these songs. Come on Hollywood W***E give me a break, thats something Nickleback would of wrote. This is not the music Papa Roach Wrote back in the day when the lyrics meant so much to so many people. Last Resort Saved people dudes from killing themselves now look at what we got. It wouldn't surpise me if they go on tour with Miley cyrus and Jonas Bros.

I only listened to 30 seconds and that was enough. I am let down big time. Oh well. Can't win them all.

MDVoltage ,

Papa Roach... What happened???

I would like to preface this review by saying that I am a big Papa Roach fan and loved The Paramour Sessions, Infest, and Getting Away With Murder. That being said, this album is a huge disappointment. With the exception of Lifeline, the vintage Papa Roach sounds are nowhere to be found. Furthermore, the lyrics seem rather banal and devoid of insight. I know Metamorphosis is supposed to mark a change in their style, but some things just shouldn't change.

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