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61 Ratings

sususususuchoochooooo ,

Where's the ketchup?

I tend to be a flip flops kinda guy, but this new year i decided to twist things around today like a strawberry twissler. So I decided to wear boots to my work today with the fuzzy Rudolf socks. I got weird looks all day, but Rudolf kept me cozy. He felt like grandmama's smooches all over.

During my lunch break i briskly paced over to the mcdondons. On my steadliy paced amble, i had a vison appear in front of me. Was it true? yes, my dear. It was Lil B, standing in front of me. He forcefully shoved ear buds into my aural canals playing The Funky Knuckle's "Meta Musica". I walked into Mcdondons like a runway model. The knucks music as transformed me into a horse of much beauty. People bawled as i pranced passed.

I placed an order for some nugs, and i didnt have to even pay for my meal. the silly cashier just neighed and gave me my food. I sat down and all eyes were on me. This made me too uncomfortable to eat. So i went to the restroom to wash up. There i saw Nicolas Cage and i still remember what he told me. he said "eat those nuggets". Then i did what i had to do. As "Mystery Song" came on I sprinted to my plate and sunk my teeth into the nugget. Chicken byproduct never tasted so good.

Then all of a sudden rudolf ripped of my feet and flew away into the sky like a balloon. My eyes bled. I thank you based god. The knucks really rocked my socks of.

NhpSFBay ,

Terrific! Rich! Varied!

Amazing combination of being tight and totally together, while at the same time going for an amazing ensemble ride, sometimes wild, sometimes peaceful.
Keep it up guys! Already looking forward to the next album.

BillyJFreeman ,


Everyone murdered everything. So much killin. So much killin.

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