18 Songs, 1 Hour 9 Minutes


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2.4 out of 5
1K Ratings

1K Ratings

Alec G, know it. ,


Are you kidding me? This list of nominees is literally a popularity list. Daft Punk & Lorde are the only two on here who deserve legitimate Grammys. Disappointed.

LG Grief ,


Why would you pay for stuff you hear everyday on mainstream radio? Lol

person you don't know...haha ,


Okay. This needs to stop. Just because most of the artists on this record are "mainstream" that doesn't mean they're bad. I mean, obviously if they're "mainstream" it's because lots of people enjoy their music, and it's very popular. That doesn't happen for no reason! Like Katy Perry, for instance. She was an up and coming artist at one point. She used to be Katy Hudson and in the Christian genre. But over time, due to her hard work and dedication she became the first female ever to have five songs off one album reach #1 in the Billboard chart. And you're telling me she doesn't deserve to be on this album?? Disgraceful. Also, Bruno Mars is one of the best vocalists out there, and you're questioning his song being nominated? Oh and also you are rooting for the "underdog" Imagine Dragons? Look past the fact they haven't had a nomination before and focus on the music, and what you will find is that other artists nominated pass them up. With time, I'm sure they'll improve, and maybe even win a few Grammy's, but right now I believe they should just be honored they were nominated. Don't get me wrong, everyone on this list obviously earned it. I simply don't like people siding with them just because they appear to have a disadvantage. And next time think before you post a comment bashing this record, because chances are, all the artists on here are more successful than you will ever be.

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