20 Songs, 53 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
276 Ratings

276 Ratings

Firedancer_dmb ,

One of the best Broadway shows in town..

If you are in New York and wondering if it's worth spending one night of your stay to see this "new musical", trust me... It's worth 2 nights!... The cast is really something, they all click on stage and you will see yourself not only in the songs but also in the subject. The truth about how the real rock and roll got started and the amazing true story of a person that believed in the music, not in the color of the singer.
Truly something to write home about, you will see your feet stomping at every song they sing on stage. Five stars.

T2max ,

Memphis was awesome

We saw the original Broadway show in January and I was blown away. This show and the album is fantastic!

dramadude186 ,

Strong Voices Sing a Fairly Strong Score

The score of the new musical "Memphis" is probably one of its stronger aspects. Although it doesn't do anything particularly new or different for a rock-flavored musical, the songs are well-written and expertly performed by a stellar cast. As lounge singer Felicia Finney, Montego Glover emerges as the best singer in a company full of strong vocalists, belting out songs like the rousing opener "Underground" to her Act I showstopper, "Colored Woman," with ease. The rest of the cast is right there with her, pouring their heart, soul, and ample vocal talents into this recording. But the single best song in the show is Chad Kimball's soulstirring Act II anthem, "Memphis Lives in Me." Even if you've never been to the titular city, Kimball's vocals are filled with such emotion and passion that you will undoubtable *want* to visit, even if only for the duration of the song. It may not be the most innovative show to hit the Great White Way, but "Memphis" is a welcome addition to the musical theatre cannon and will likely be remembered for years to come.

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