Melodic Therapy 4 The Broken

Melodic Therapy 4 The Broken

Four years in the US Marines had to have taught Mooski discipline, but where the Alabama-hailing singer got his predilection for hopscotching between octaves over the course of any single line he sings is anybody’s guess. This style, which brought about a tidal wave of attention with the first single he’d release for public consumption, 2020’s “Track Star,” is consistent across the singer’s first full-length release, Melodic Therapy 4 The Broken. Besides the particularly TikTok-friendly read of a female companion that is “Track Star”—and its star-studded remix—Mooski's breakout project is filled with songs that outline his professional aspirations (“Bama Boy,” “Rocket”), ones lauding the kind of women who inspire him (“Dream Girl,” “Priority,” “Real Love”), and even a few that dispense some of the wisdom he’s acquired at his still-young age (“Be Strong,” “Life Speed,” “Melodic Therapy”). There are only 13 songs here (including the “Track Star” remix), Melodic Therapy playing out just like regular therapy in that the next session can’t come soon enough.

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