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133 Ratings

max31 ,

Find Someone Who's Turning

Listen to Annie's song, "Don't Let It Bring You Down." It was used in the movie, American Beauty, which won the Oscar for Best Picture around 1999 or 2000. The song is featured late in the movie, and it helps create a strong mood for what appears to be a rainy-night seduction scene. I put this song on "infinite replay" now and then on my ipod, never get tired of it. There's a clarity and integrity in Annie's singing which reminds me of Joan Baez. I gave the album five stars, just to make sure that covers this song.

Ripp R&B ,

Don't Wait in Vain

WOW! What a version of Waiting In Vain, originally from Bob Marley's Exodus album. It is difficult to translate reggae into another style and then sing it with such emotional vim.

spishboo ,

Deep Attachment

I enjoy the distinct and steady energy throughout this album. I haven't existed long enough to appreciate the original songs Annie Lennox used and recomposed into this album, so I can't argue a comparison to the originals. This album resonates with me personally because it was the first CD I had ever listened to (back when CDs were introduced) and it deeply impressed me with how primal and feminine it sounded. The selected songs target emotional motivations that popular songs are not brave enough to make their center. Do not have failed expectations for remakes to compete with originals. These songs reveal the hidden alternative possibilities of some great pre-existing music by building upon with quality musicianship. It is a soft and powerful album to listen to when life makes you feel like you just don't want to be awake anymore, but you are not tired at all.

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