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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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1 Rating

1neeto ,

Very valiant effort

A concept album, when you think of that, only greatness comes to mind; Dark Side Of The Moon, Scenes From A Memory, Lateralus, just to name a few from a fairly short list. There's a reason for that, writing music is hard, writing a whole album around a concept or story is on another level. And to do it right is next to impossible.

So how good is this album? Very good, not perfect, but very good indeed. The concept is the story of Medusa, how she was cursed by Athena, and she went from beautiful to a hideous thing with snakes on her head, oh and if you look at her, you turn into stone. Greek mythology is cool stuff...and very metal!

It starts out with this creepy sounding narrator setting the story, some might find it a bit corny, but it fits, and he comes back at the beginning of every song and sets the tone on the continuing story. The singer sings with a conviction and power that's beautiful, yet haunting. And she also adds some voice acting and that's pretty cool too. Perseus is sang by a male of course, it would be weird if she sang his part too and he does a good job as well.

The musicianship is great, I hear a big Dream Theater influence, especially on the keyboards and guitar playing, but too bad the guitar is a bit lost in the mix in some songs. I'll touch up on that later. The bass and drums are good too, even though the drums sound a bit dull to me, again more on that later. The song structure has the cool time signature changes you'd expect from a prog band. Foolish Hero in particular has a pretty cool 7/4 part that caught me a bit by surprise since I wasn't expecting it, and it flowed very well. Even though most of the album is in 4/4, there's some top notch musicianship in here. You don't need odd timing in order to write complex music.

Now the last thing I'm going to touch on is on the mixing and mastering, and this is where the album falls a bit flat. Now mind you, I have the iTunes version so it's almost not fair without having a lossless or HD file, but I did listen to the album with some decent studio headphones. So here's my opinion on the mixing:

*edit* I have the CD now because the band were kind enough to give me a CD so I could experience the lossless version. So there's a noticeable difference in the quality and mix, even though I still think the vocals can be a bit too loud and the guitar a bit lost, but it's easily fixed with setting the eq on "flat" or "bass reducer".

Vocals are a bit too high on most of the songs. This might have been done on purpose so the listener can understand every word she sings, since she's telling a story. But in my opinion, I'd turn that vocal track a bit down. Also the bass and kick drum are a bit too "boomy", and sometimes the guitar gets lost especially when doing the low B string riffs like on Vengeance is mine.

In closing, this is a well written album, with excellent musicianship, great singing, and a great concept. Can't wait for the next one.

4.5 stars

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