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4.9 out of 5
334 Ratings

334 Ratings

Liebling8 ,

Do yourself a favor....

I don't know why I'm writing a review, because there are no words. I love every song on this album, years later I'm still listening to it, and the songs get better and better everytime you hear them. If you want great music with amazing lyrics, look no further. This album could change your life.

AnneNeeley ,

Best Switchfoot Album By Far!!!

This is without a doubt the best Switchfoot album there is. I havent listened much to the first two albums, but I am confident is saying that the latest two albums cannot compare to this one. Eery single song is amazing and has so much feeling.
Meant To Live- This true rock song has a great message and really pumps me up for life at the same time. We listen to this a lot in my youth group and it never gets old.
This Is Your Life- A peircing message in this song and its one of those songs that everyime you listen to it you hear it in a new way and it makes you re-evaluate yourself every time.
More Than Fine- Probably my least favorite track on the album but still pretty good. A nice upbeat feel good song.
Ammunition- i love the way the song builds from the beginning added a new insturment every couple of seconds and delivering an awesome message after.
Dare You to Move- Amazing acoustic guitar and it really picks up and gets amazing in the second verse where the elec. guitars have that sweet riff. Ahh i just love this song so much. A great feel good song as well
Redemption- This song is so chill its not even funny. The lyrics paint a great picture and offer a nice allusion to Christianity which of course i love.
The Beautiful Letdown- Definetly defines the album. This song is kind of every song in the album combined. Starts off chill then picks up more and more until the true message is revealed at the end. "I don't belong here"
Gone- Amazing amazing song. I cant help but dance to it and everytime i hear on the radio it makes my day a little (or a whole lot) better. Such a great message that cant be ingored in this one.
On Fire- My favorite song not only on the album but probably of all time. It moves me to tears every time i hear it. The lyrics are amazing and so is the music. Its one of those songs that i just love belting out when no one is listening. Greatest song ever written in my opinion.
Adding to The Niose- Another good rock song with an upbeat feel. Really a good song with a good message also.
Twenty-Four- This song is almost as amazing as "on Fire" but the line that always catches me everytime i listen is "life is not what i thought it was 24 hours ago" and then i think back to yesterday and realize how true it is. And i dont think its just me that feels that way. truly an amazing song with soo much feeling and emotions.

 ♪♫♪♫  ,

Switchfoots Best Album Ever - ReReleased

The Best album ever...that is all

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