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15 Ratings

bruinsfan714 ,

An Amazing Album

i had never really heard of Badfinger, but i heard the song "Day After Day" and i liked it, but never really bothered to look up the bands catalogue..I watched a videp and found out about Pete Hams suicide and i decided to give this bands other work a look..the first place i looked was this album, and boy im sure glad i did..this record is pure magic, the better songs imo are by Pete ham, Baby Blue, Day After Day, Take It All, Name Of The Game, but Money, Flying, Sweet Tuesday Morning and Suitcase are all fine moments..I have to say that i looked at Badfingers other albums and was pleasaently surprised..What a sad story thios band was, but they had some tremendous talent..I highly reccomend this album to any rock fan..Its great!

kendistarr ,

Baby Blue

This song was written for my cousin, Dixie, by Peter before their European tour. It was more or less to "persuade" her to go with them. It worked! Glad it's making a comeback!

Jimi Kool ,

Totally Awesome!!

I was totally excited to find this gem of an album here on i-Tunes. good job i-Tunes!! In my opinion this is Badfinger's best lp. Some might say is "Wish You Were Here"( not to be confused with Pink Floyd's lp of the same name. A great lp on it's own!) I previously owned a 1993 re-issue of "Straight Up" on cd that included 18 tracks. The regular 12 plus 6 bonus tracks now found here. Here's the breakdown of those extra tracks. Money/Flying- The original version with orchestration by George Martin(The Beatles producer); the segue between the two songs is more apparent here, and Flying begins with slightly phased vocals . (The Rundgren version features Joey Molland's voice sped up "about a tone-and-half higher" than he wrote it.)

Name Of The Game- The original, faster and shorter version with horns and an orchestra. Different from both the final version of "Straight Up", and from the aborted Al Kooper single version with overdubbed key boards which remains unreleased so far(I think).

Suitcase- the original version with an electric guitar intro, extra piano refrain at the end, and "uncensored" lyrics(To avoid a "drug" inference, the words-"pusher, pusher, on the run" had been changed to "butcher, butcher..." on the version which made it to the album.)

Perfection-The original version , slightly shorter in lenght, with a synthesiser line and harmonica refrain instead of guitar riff at the end of the song; there are no percussion overdubs as there are on the final version.

Baby Blue-The single mix, with reverberated snare drum. Issued In The U.S. to capitalise on the success of "Day After Day".

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