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3.3 out of 5
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4 Ratings

Hifidesert ,

Not a must have

I have tried to stay with Mark, I really have. Even when his material profoundly departed from what he did with Red House Painters & the first Sun Kil Moon, I wanted to see him grow, not just recapture his past. Most of the time it produced amazing results (Admiral Fell Promises and Benji), other times pedestrian (Universal Themes).
With this album, he's almost lost me entirely. While I love his covers, it's usually because he rearranges them so drastically they become unique; on "Mark Kozelek Sings" there is little to no attempt to rearrange the original songs. Most of the time, they sound like something you'd hear walking into any bar on a Saturday afternoon. Lastly, being the same age, I have always felt a certain kinship with Mark through his choice of covers: "Send in the Clowns", "Carpet Crawlers", "Onward." Some of the selections on here seem to carry that mantle ("Another Day" and "I'm Not in Love") but are mostly faithful copies of the originals.
It's as if Mark is learning to play piano, and wanted to showcase how far he has come in mastering it.

Smootmania ,

Haunting, simplistic beauty...

Can't say I agree with some of the reviews here. I'm a long-time Red House Painters/Sun Kil Moon/Kozelek fan, and I absolutely love this album. While it's certainly true that some of Kozelek's more recent albums feel a bit lazy in terms of the lyrics (with his relatively new strain-of-conciousness songwriting lacking some of the poetic beauty and depth of bygone years), with this album you get the rich aching gravity of Kozelek's matchless voice combined with well-known classics. It's simplistic, yet heart-wrenching and velvety all at the same time. The outcome is trance-like. And it certainly helps that the haunting backup vocals of Mimi Parker of Low are found throughout the album (along with vocals from similarly talented Will Oldham and Rachel Goswell). Certainly would love to hear a full Mark Kozelek/Mimi Parker collaboration album in the future--two of the most haunting voices around. Top favorites from this album: Another Day, Main Street, Get Along Home Cindy, Amanda, O Holy Night & Float On.

sontupelo ,


Mark does an admirable job on these covers. Some have criticized his voice of late but he sounds good here and I like the piano driven change of pace.

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