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45 Ratings

Pacer1969 ,

A Great Album...& A Story

Nicolette Larson has a special place in my memory via a girl I dated in college. The girl's name was Heather and we both attended the University of Missouri (Mizzou) in the late '80s/early '90s. Heather had an amazing smile, the most beautiful eyes and a warm, carefree air about her. Several weeks after we had started dating, Heather and I were in the car when "Lotta Love" came on the radio.

I started singing along and Heather began laughing and looked at me with this twinkle in her eyes...so I kept saying, "What? What?! Don't you like this song? Nicolette Larson is awesome!" But she only laughed harder. I turned down the radio and began to plead with her to let me in on the joke. Was my singing THAT bad?

And then she finally clued me in, with those pixie-ish, smiling eyes and sonorous voice -- (I never heard Heather sing but there was always a smile in her voice; clearly a family trait) that Nicolette Larson was her **older sister.** It was quite a fun surprise as I got to quiz her on what Nicci was like, who she hung out with, etc. She was some 16 years older than Heather, so I don't know how close they were (or really could have been), but apparently Nicci partied a lot with Ted Templeman -- Van Halen's uber producer. Hey, it made sense to me, they were both in LA and the music biz and it *was* the Big '80s, after all.

I never got to meet Nicci as Heather and I stopped dating a few months after that, but from articles I've read over the years, she was a force to be dealt with; that is, quite magical. Which is evident in the star power of this album: Bonnie, Carole, Jackson, Emmy Lou, Linda, CS&N, Buffett, etc. You don't see these kind of names from different labels on one album unless it's a major world event.

No, she didn't have as many chart-topping hits of some of these artists, but she clearly had the charisma and kindness that lends itself to payback like this. If Nicci was even half as engaging and delightful as her baby sis, Heather (which I'm sure she was), well, then, this tribute does her justice.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Nicolette Larson. I'm sure your family still misses you terribly -- my sincere condolences to your husband Russell and daughter Elsie, and Heather and your folks. (I also lost my wife to a brain event, so I feel I can somewhat relate to your family's pain.) And thank you to these artists for sharing their gifts in Nicci's honor.

It's gonna take a lotta love...to get us all through this world. But we are all better for having been touched by Nicolette Larson's music.

dbginct ,

What a great tribute to an underappreciated artist...

As I understand it, these concerts were staged in Santa Monica, CA on Feb. 21-22, 1998, prior to Dan Fogelberg's diagnosis of cancer. These performers have all been great in their time and do an awesome job with this tribute. A must have for those who enjoy these artists.

tgifbob ,

Finally! A remembrance of an amazingly great concert!

One rare night back in 2004 my wife and I debated whether to spend the money on a scalper's outrageous asking price for 2 seats at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium for the first show of a two-evening tribute to Nicolette Larson. We finally succumbed, knowing that the promised collection of talent just couldn't be missed. Next to Bruce Springsteen's Pantages acoustic show, this was the best concert money we've ever spent. We've been hoping ever since for a CD of the show and this digital release does not disappoint! Bonnie Raitt's opening song "I'd Do Anything to See You Again" just shattered the audience and hearing it here brings back all the emotion of that incredible evening. Linda Ronstadt - ever the difficult diva - simply stunned the crowd with "Blue Bayou" and her powerful presence comes through impressively on this collection. The harmonies of Crosby, Stills & Nash, the warmth and engagement of Carole King, and the intimacy of Jackson Browne's performance alone make this a treasured keepsake. Wish you all could have been there! Thanks for releasing this, Rhino! Much appreciated.

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