12 Songs, 41 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Jar ,

Beautiful & Melodic

If you are a fan of Windham Hill, Lifescapes®, clasical music and/or modern new age music, buy this now! I was moved by the music in the theater, but the songs really shine on their own. Each track flows thoughtfully into the next. The themes are so memorable. Alex Wurman took great care in composing and arranging this record. Great for background music (studying/working/quiet evening at home). Enjoy!

TheBerad ,

An original experience that captures the movie...

I heard this soundtrack as bits and pieces on the movie's website before I saw the film and fell in love with it's original tunes that capture the same personified emotions the cinematographers capture in the film. Listening to the soundtrack straight through gives the listener a complete experience of the story of the Royal Penguins - joy, love, despair, hope, and innocence are all beautifully conveyed in this incredible soundtrack.

Speed_Demon ,

I've come across a rare gem

I highly recommend this soundtrack to anyone who loves music. It's truly amazing and magical. The emotion portrayed within each song is unmistakenably on the level of virtuoso.

Alex Wurman has EASILY made his way into my personal list of favorite modern day composers... right there with John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Alan Silvestri, and Rolfe Kent.

I can't stress it enough. There is something about this soundtrack that I adore. Maybe it's the fact that you can say without a doubt, it is genuine music. It effortlessly warms your soul and entices your ears with graceful melodies that leaves you wanting, begging, desiring for more. Most notably, songs such as, "The March", "Arrival at the Sea", and "First Steps" are some of the most melodic pieces I have ever come across.

With Wurman's score, the kind of feeling you have when listening to this, is one of pure Heavenly contentment.

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