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126 Ratings

kevbean ,

excellent up and coming band!!

Vampire Weekend are an amazing band that anyone who is a fan of good, clean pop music would love. Think a mix of Paul Simon, the Beatles and the Shins. This is merely a small sample of their collection. Keep your eyes peeled for more in the future from these guys.

The Girl From Back Then ,

This is Band is Amazing. This Single is Not.

First of all, the "Yellow EP" was taken off of iTunes because this fantastic band was SIGNED to XL Records, so congratulations to them.

Next, and I can already see this being unpopular, but whatever: This single is not their best. Luckily, even their blander tracks are pretty damn good.

"Ladies of Cambridge" (known previously as "Boston") is worth noting because it's the black sheep of the "Blue-CDR" and yet, here it is on their first single as a b-side. Other than that... no comments. Maybe this means it was knocked off the album in lieu of another track.

"Mansard Roof," on the other hand, has long been a fan favorite and here's why: it's the perfect introduction to the band's rhythms and lyrical style. I have a feeling "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa," easily a candidate for my personally-given Best Song of the Year, was exempted from first-single status so these boys don't get pigeon-holed into genres the way the press has been at them lately. There's really no need, though: Their talent speaks for itself... the band is unique to the core and a hell of a lot of fun both under a needle and under the lights.

January 2008 will be the time for five stars and rave reviews, trust me.

shmeeden7 ,

you think you know..

my friend's older brother is the singer so I've gotten to hear a few more songs than itunes has...I LOVE their sound, and I'm not just being biased.

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