Manic Dream Pixie - EP

Manic Dream Pixie - EP

As Peach PRC, Adelaide’s Shaylee Curnow crafts bubbly pop with biting lyrics and an alt-rock edge. That’s especially true on “F U Goodbye,” a cathartic diss track that takes apart an ex piece by piece before unleashing its harsh chorus over a shiny programmed pulse: “I hate your jokes and don’t think you’re funny/I hope you choke, go broke, lose your money.” Meanwhile, the guitar-driven ballad “Favourite Person” sees Curnow create a preferable version of a person in her head to spare herself further heartbreak. She isn’t totally down on romance, though: “Loved You Before” playfully imagines two lovers as bugs, birds, pirates, dinosaurs, and more in past lives, and “Perfect for You”—which incorporates elements of Paris Hilton’s 2006 hit “Stars Are Blind”—describes the giddy rush of simply going for it with new love, despite other people standing in the way.

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