Making Movies

Making Movies

After their second album, Communique was considered by some critics to be too subtle and too close to the band’s stellar self-titled debut album, singer-guitarist Mark Knopfler set out to write a few tunes that exhibited his ambitions as a songwriter. His brother David departed the group, leaving even more room for Knopfler to fill. He responded with his tightest and strongest set of tunes to date. “Tunnel of Love,” “Romeo and Juliet” and “Skateaway,” which comprised the album’s first side, come together as a stirring suite that use all the dynamics at hand to deliver an emotive punch every bit the equal to the stories Knopfler told with the lyrics and with his impeccably expressive lead guitar playing. His leaning towards Dylan’s folk ghosts were met with a Springsteen-esque sense of purpose. The album’s second side flowed differently: as distinct songs that each shined their spotlights on different aspects of the group. Even at five minutes, “Expresso Love” had the feel of a hit single. “Hand In Hand” turned to the piano for a ballad. “Solid Rock” worked off a bar-band strut. Hard to believe, their most successful album was yet to come.


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