Make Drunk Cool Again

Make Drunk Cool Again

Every day for the past couple years, there’s been a new song from the Rochester rapper, and just about all of them are balls-to-the-wall insane. RXKNephew’s music is unhinged and unpredictable, something like a Lil B for Gen Z; one minute he’s rapping about selling crack, the next he’s dissing his producers and pondering conspiracy theories. On Make Drunk Cool Again, he gets weird as ever over sleazy house beats (produced mostly by Rx Brainstorm) that give the effect of a particularly demented after-hours rave: the manic bachata of “Cinco Cinco Sies,” the ecstatic hedonism of “Time 2 Not Go Home,” the fairly terrifying thrash-metal closer, “Slitherman Solo Set” (at which point, it probably is, in fact, time to go home). Never change, Nephew.

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