13 Songs, 50 Minutes


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4.3 out of 5
81 Ratings

81 Ratings

slugworthy ,

Buy whole album for one 3 min. song?--yeah, good luck with that!

Whoever makes the money here is a total bonehead. I mean, come on! Obviously most people only want the song "Wise Up" from this album. I'm not saying the rest isn't great. I saw the movie, and the soundtrack was dynamite; but most people only want that one track. Good thing some genius thought it was a good marketing strategy to force the entire album down the consumer's throat in order to get that one track--AMARITE? Now, it's understandible and customary, if the track is over ten minutes long, to charge for the entire album; with a three minute song, though, it is neither. Sorry to say, judging by its popularity, I don't think that this confidence scheme is working out too well, either. I do, however, wish whoever the greedy moronic ape is the best of luck with all those dollar signs swimming around in his wee little peabrain. In summation, $10 for one three minute song?--HELL NO! but best wishes to ya. But ya know, if 2 out of 10 people buy the album for one track, that's $20 instead of only the $10 that would come from 10 out of 10 people purchasing the one track alone. Maybe it is an ok strategy. oh well. I just know that you can count me as one of those 8, the non-idiots.

PiPhiMaggie ,

I just want 'Wise Up'

Not everyone is made of money here. Especially with the new popularity tax on certain songs, you're making me love you less, iTunes.

Fustrated ,

Buy the whole album

This album flows perfectly and is one of the best soundtracks of all time (along with Blow). All of the songs have a perfect blend between language and music, before long you will be singing along.

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