9 Songs, 59 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

instinct: decay ,


This album is so exceptional that I would place it above all others. It goes beyond anything ever done by any artist to date. This album is "real;" as real as you can get to pure melancholic depression. This isn't a goth album by any means. It really isn't any genre that exists. It has no boundaries. It crosses rock, metal, doom, ambient, experimental, atmospheric, suicidal and depressive. This album however takes a few bits and pieces from Wrest's other single-man outfit, Leviathan, yet stays purely unique drawing only very little from his previous work. If you like other works of Wrest then this one won't disappoint you.

Forces of satan's storms ,

Very good black metal

Very fresh, the ironic thing about it is that the music sounds as if it has been rotting for many years upon a molten sun. This music is very drony and atmospheric. It will not pertain to the standards of most people who call themsleves "elitists" but its their loss. I enjoy this album very much and listen to it when i want depressing atmospheric black metal. If you spent the time to read this, you must show some interest in this "band" being only one guy playing every instrument, anyway, if you took the time to read this, you should take the time to listen to this album. There will not be any dissapointments like there is in this review.

Necrosapien ,

Wrest is a genius !

I've always dug Levithan, but never got around to checking out Lurker. What a mistake on my part, this album is a sheer work of art ! Deep emotions are drawn to the surface as this mesmerizing music weaves a tapestry around the listener' ears. Buy or Die !

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