Editors’ Notes The film adaptation of C.S. Lewis' second novel in the The Chronicles of Narnia series begins with the valiant Prince Caspian's kingdom suffering under the control of his evil uncle King Miraz, and composer Harry Gregson-Williams introduces the score with an immediately dark and audacious tone in "Prince Caspian Flees." These shadowy and ominous overtones are aurally animated throughout most of the soundtrack with Gregson-Williams getting the most out of a big orchestra and three distinguished choirs — The Bach Choir, The Apollo Voices, and The Crouch End Festival Chorus. "Raid On The Castle" charges forward with dramatic, galloping movements and gripping tension as ghostly voices sing menacingly to accompany a grisly battle scene. Sweeping strings lift up the end of this standout track with notes that climb skyward in intimations of triumph. Of course a movie with a budget this big wouldn't dare leave a pop song or two out of the soundtrack, and Regina Spektor delivers with her glowing voice on the appropriately cinematic ballad "The Call." Switchfoot also offer up "This Is Home," a Coldplay inspired hit with a soaring chorus and panoramic harmonies.