10 Songs, 37 Minutes


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4.9 out of 5
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34 Ratings

robertabilio ,

Finally but saddened

I am glad to see this on Itunes finally, but I wish they had an extended version with remixes and be sides.

SolomonMorris7 ,


More than a Diva or songstress but someone who I have truly adored as a person from the very first time I heard her on the radio but a person with a big heart and a voice that uplifted me through some crazy times in my life . to all the concerts that I had too work to paper routes to go see until I was an adult and had enough money to see her and nothing else mattered ,even family could not keep me from seeing her LIVE and to the times sitting in the backseat of my dads car to ditching school to see her in THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY eight times in one day and having to walk home six miles from the theater because the busses had stopped running after eight at night . No matter what mood I was in her music always uplifted me and when i was about thirteen I was very insecure about myself and extremely shy and not very confidant because the world was still stigmatised by race and color but Donna showed me through her versatility that if you dreamed you could do anything in life through the many different types of music that she would sing . Yes rock was predominatly white and yet donna took those chances and even though it was not in the best interest of her later music label but she always stuck to her beliefs and prevailed and that is what I learned from this amazing human being . No matter where you come from and if you believe your dreams can come true and you don't know how many times I have listened to theme from " Once Upon A Time " before a job interview i can't even tell you . But never in a million years thought she would leave this earth before me but you you all know it happened and May 17,2012 will always be the day the day Donna Summer left us but never forgotten .I can go on forever and you know we all have a personal story on why this amazing woman has touched our lives forever and she may be gone but her amazing spirit lives on FOEVER .

leecappella ,

Purely Poptastic!

"Another Place And Time" gave birth to the very successful hit, "This Time, I Know It's For Real". It's an album that did not do anything challenging for Summer, vocally, but it resulted in some really good radio friendly tracks. Her collaboration with producers, Stock Aiken And Waterman was a great one. "Another Place And Time" is another album that took too long to show up on iTunes, but it's good to see it here now.

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