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4.9 out of 5
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62 Ratings

Galdim08 ,

This band is @$#ing awsome!!!

I was first introduced to POTF when they were featured in the Alan Wake video game & ever since then I got hooked!!! They instantly became my favorite band...vocals, instrumentals, lyrics,are all on point, theyre overall sound is so unique. Keep blessing us with this beautiful music!!!Were not worthy!!

1984therocker ,

The Trilogy Comes To a Close

Poets does all their albums in trilogies. They first trilogy of records consists of:
Signs of Life, Carnival of Rust, and Temple of Thought (notice the pattern there)
And told the story of Jeremiah Peace Keeper and his growth during the trilogy (as seen in the Carnival of Rust video, Can You Hear Me?, and Cradled in Love)
and then this current trilogy that consists of:
Revolution Roulette, Twilight Theater, and now Jealous Gods. They focus on the Hamartia Jester character (featured on the Twilight Theater cover, and appears again in the "Daze" Music video {and referenced - Hounds to Hamartia}) and has a constant theme throughout the trilogy. Revolution Roulette's theme being "Be careful what you wish for", and then Twighlight Theater being "What might seem like something real could be an illusion, so look out for yourself" and then JEalous Gods finishes with "After all you you've been through and experienced you may have these feeling of anger or jealousy, but take a second to stop and appreciate your life and what you have and move forward".
This is going to be an excellent record and a grand close to a beautiful arrangement of music. I can't wait for 2016 (When the next album should be coming out seeing that they have a 2 year cycle) and hopefully a new trilogy will start.

Luke962 ,

Rogue, an intrumental beauty

I heard the sample of "Rogue", and it sounds awesome! The Guitars by Oli, and the other guitarist( I can't remember his name) fills the song with magic. Definitely the best song on this album. Poets of the Fall, you never cease to amaze me.

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