Love That - EP

Love That - EP

Sydney country-pop duo Seaforth—lifelong friends Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson—knew their future lay in Nashville from the moment they started collaborating in their late teens. After falling in love with country music, the pair followed the example of their idol Keith Urban and relocated to the city in 2017. “We were obsessed with the sounds and sonics of country music and the storytelling nature of it,” Thompson tells Apple Music. “But [hearing] Keith was like an absolute lightbulb moment for both of us. We wanted to get involved and experience where it came from, and that’s Nashville. It was a no-brainer.” There, they recorded their debut EP, Love That. Below, Thompson and Jordan talk through each of its tracks.
“Love That” Tom Jordan: “We’d have a few beers in the afternoon and started writing this thing that from the start felt really fun. The energy of the song sums up the energy that was in the room that afternoon. We tried to write a story about the early stage of a relationship, where things are up in the air and you don’t really know what’s going on but there’s something addictive about the chase.”
“Talk to Me” Mitch Thompson: “We were talking about accents, and thought, how can we spin this about us moving to the US in a fresh way? Obviously we have accents over here in the States, and Americans have accents to us, so we thought this would be a good little response to people telling us we have accents. Also we love Southern girls’ accents as well, so it was a perfect little lighthearted song.”
“Good and Gone” Jordan: “I remember the song came out really quickly once we got into it. It’s essentially about after a breakup and someone moving on a little quicker than you’d expected. It’s just that kind of relatable thing that we’ve both been through.”
“Taken Your Picture” Thompson: “It’s basically about realizing you’ve taken someone for granted and wishing you cherished moments with them. It’s a lesson to yourself to embrace moments. And obviously, with us moving to the US, that’s something that’s become very clear. We spend a lot of time away from our family. We don’t have that connection anymore and we’re not there.”


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