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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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39 Ratings

SoCalJane ,

Fast, Fun Rock

If you are expecting something like Iris or Slide, please look the other way. This is fast, fun, drunken rock. The album starts off with the rowdy Out Of Sight. With the line, "Super cool in high school, but now I'm in your face!" Next comes John Rzeznik's first ever lead vocal appearance in the angry Up Yours. He sings very off key and has a decent guitar solo in the bridge. Next comes the awesome No Way Out. The duet in the verses are very hard to comprehend and the lyrics will always be a mystery because there are no lyrics in the linear notes. The guitars and drums are fast and hard and the vocals sound like someone was on a hangover but still a great song nevertheless.

The album moves into the great instrumental 7th of Last Month (Or Iggy The Cat Gets A Brain). This song shows how well the band can play their instruments and has a great minute and a half guitar solo by Johnny. Love Dolls comes next with very fast pace. Probably the quickest song on the album. The chorus is fun to sing along to. Next comes to my favorite song on the album, Sex Maggot. Robby's vocals are just awesome. Some of the best screaming I've heard and the guitar riff is very sloppy but fun. Buffalo entertainer Lance Diamond makes an appearence in the cover Down On The Corner. Very catchy tune with a good beat. The original is ten times better though.

Had Enough is also another one of my favorites. It has a great chorus and great guitars. Road To Salinas is the closest they got to pop on this album. It is a great track though with catchy vocals by Robby. "Em Elbmuh" has cool acoustics in the background of all the talking. Then the last ten seconds or so the band goes crazy. Misfortune and Artie have the same kind of sound. They are both kind of poppy and sound alike. The cover Gimme Shelter is a complete makeover of the Rolling Stones original and sounds good. James Dean ends it off acoustically with some laughs.

Once again, DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM IF YOU ARE INTO THE NEW STUFF. You will almost be gaurented to hate it. But if you want fast, fun, drunken rock buy this and you won't regret it.

TimLV ,

One of my favorite Goo Goo Dolls records

"Out of Sight" and "Up Yours" are the standout tracks on this LP.

Two of the tracks have their titles reversed. "Em Elbmuh" and "Artie." "Artie" is the one where you can hear them griping at their then-manager Artie Kwitchoff. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek. The band did later replace him with bigger/better-known management, but did retain him for their Buffalo bookings, and when they'd come to town you'd often see him with the band.

The track James Dean got a bit misconstrued by some folks, the band explained it and later did some AIDS benefits to shake the anti-gay tag. Interestingly enough, this was where they got some of their first mentions in the press. So the acoustic joke at the end of the record actually played a bit of a part in them getting where they are now.

Another historical footnote, "Sex Maggot" is from the name of Johnny's earlier band.

tmlafrance ,

The true Goo Goo Dolls

This is not the Goo Goo Dolls that get played on the radio, it's better. I found a promo vinyl copy of this in our bins when I worked college radio in the 80s, "the GOO GOO DOLLS???! WTF?" The name was too wierd not to hear what it was, " WOW, this is great stuff". A few months later got that same promo autographed when they played a small club in OKC. Unfortunately, thier last true album was Boy Named Goo, pretty much down hill after that. But if you want to hear the good stuff this album is a must.

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