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164 Ratings

DcDubzz ,


Download this album they said, it will be fun they said. So I listened to them. Did you ever see those commercials where it gives you a number to call if you have an erection for over 48 hours? I had to call that number today. Basically all I'm trying to say is that this album is amazing. If you're iffy about buying it, buy it! Ight yo peace.


Yohnson1024 ,

Return to form...

Architects return to form with a sound as close to Hollow Crown as they might ever get. The album starts well and finishes way stronger. The 2nd half is significantly better than the first half and the singles Naysayer and Broken Cross may be the two worst tracks on the album.

Top Tracks:

The Distant Blue (9.5/10) - Vocals are impeccable, finishes quiet and captivating
Youth Is Wasted On the Young (9.5/10) - Perhaps the most consistently great song on the album.
Castles in the Air (8.5/10) - Has the strongest riff on the album though it only lasts about 10 seconds. Starts aggressive, finishes soft.
Colony Collapse (9/10) - What I'd say is the turning point on the album. Starting with this song, the album just gets continuously better.
Dead Man Talking (9/10) - Very catchy vocals, solid instrumentals.
Gravedigger (8.5/10) - Has the catchiest vocals on the album in the chorus.



I'd like to walk a day in the members of Architects' shoes after hearing their new record Lost Forever // Lost Together. They must not experience too many good days. A bleak picture of the world as the band sees it is painted throughout the entire record. Lyrically and sonically this is a reflective piece of art that is no doubt to provoke some thought, so much so that this review was difficult to word.

Architects have been a band for nearly 10 years now. With a career featuring now 6 records under their belt and multiple lineup changes, these UK gents aren't kids anymore. This shows in heaps throughout all eleven tracks of Lost Forever // Lost Together. Clear that ambition was a key focus during recording, fans will be happy to know that this is a much more focused Architects.

Mathcore is a word I have heard thrown around when describing Architects sound. The fan-favorite record Hollow Crown was known for having a technically unorthodox and wild sound. With the newer records, Architects have included those technical elements while experimenting with ambience. If you listened to Architects' previous album Daybreaker, you'll know exactly what I mean. Lost Forever // Lost Together hones in on a fully realized "modern" Architects. The crazy shredding is present, but only where it makes sense. Ambience is a seemingly primary aspect but never overused. Every included element is only included where it makes sense which makes this the most streamlined record that Architects have released as well as their most accessible.

What I mean by streamlined is that the song structures are much cleaner. No filler, no oddly-placed riffs, no pace-interrupting breakdowns, the band's goal was clearly to create more traditional songs and imbue those songs with their signature style. Not only was that goal achieved, but it is executed with skill and passion. The 2 guitarists work well as a unit, one playing groovy (and catchy) rhythms, the other shredding Protest the Hero-esque riffage. Speaking of grooves, this album is chock full of them. It seems implementing grooves is the way for modern metal bands to create catchy songs and I have heard no band execute this better than Architects. Every song is structured strongly with anthemic choruses, catchy grooves, memorable metalcore riffs, bouncy drumming, and tons of emotion. Sam Carter may have one of the most solid vocal techniques I've ever heard. He may not venture outside of his signature raw throat screams, but when he kicks it up a notch and does his melodic higher screams, he is unmatched in his emotion.

The songs clearly mean a lot to Sam and his bandmates because the amount of agony and anger is evident in every delivered line. Lyrically every song is depressing and some form of a call-out to the world we reside in. As always, the way Sam words his lyrics is powerful and oftentimes holding multiple meanings.

This record is quotable and meaningful, a constant strong suit for Architects.
What makes Lost Forever // Lost Together so accessible is the fact that it isn't too much of a far cry from how the US metalcore bands sound. Architects even play some post-rock stylings throughout the album, especially in the last few tracks. There's no doubt in my mind that this will draw in plenty of new fans and old fans alike, similar to the success that Bring Me the Horizon is experiencing. The fact that Architects are so big overseas and only getting bigger in the US is setting them up to potentially be highly-acclaimed here in the states. I believe this record will boost that fact tenfold.

Architects have for a long time been a highly-acclaimed live performance. If there is any album cycle I would recommend going to see them during, it is this one. This record was practically designed to be heard live with so many bouncy rhythms, memorable lyrics, and choruses that beg for crowd shouting. As a matter of fact, Lost Forever // Lost Together couldn't be a more accurate representation to who Architects is.

Newcomers and mainstays alike will fall in love with this album.
Some Architects fans may wish for this album to be more technical and unorthodox, but most will find it in them to embrace the newly straight-forward sound the band has introduced. There are songs that will appeal to the older fans (C.A.N.C.E.R.) and songs that will draw in the newer fans (Broken Cross). Either way, this should be considered Architects' crowning achievement. In terms of playing great metalcore, Architects are wearing a not-so-hollow crown.

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