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62 Ratings

CousinEddie61 ,

Bobby Kimball, Boston, Foreigner???

First off, this has always been my favorite Toto album.

As far as the iTunes review, I doubt this guy has ever listened to either Toto, Boston or Foreigner. I was a teenager during the '70s and those were three of my favorite bands. If the reviewer cannot tell the difference between those groups, I would suggest he go into another line of work. Bobby Kimball not distinctive enough? He contributed greatly to the early Toto 'sound', whether it was as a lead vocalist or backing vocals.

Not to give the iTunes reviewer too much grief, but if someone were to base their choice of getting this album on his review, they would think this was just a boilerplate '70s rock album; and it's far from that. If you even remotely like Toto, get this album. It's one of their best.

DrummerNut ,

Breakthrough Music

While not every Toto album/CD was a commercial success, the musicality of this largely session-trained group is unmatched in the rock genre. Hydra is one the most eclectic arrangement of songs put out at that time and, even today, the energy and feeling expressed in songs like 99, All Us Boys and White Sister are compelling to listen to. If you are a musician, Toto provides some of the most interesting and complex rock arrangements, vocal harmonies and depth of musicianship of any band I've heard in the last 30 years. If you are not a musician, you'll just dig the wide range of musical styles Toto has become legendary for. Anyone who thinks that Boston or Foreigner in any way resemble the music Toto has produced should probably find a job selling cocktail umbrellas or jelly bean dispensers...... they clearly don't understand what professional musicians sound like.

Midman ,

The official reviewist is an idiot!

Whoever wrote the official review for this album is a dumb#@* ! Whos is it Boston? Foreigner? I like Foreigner a lot but on their best day they couldn't play stuff this technical! Now I do prefer the Turn Back album over this but this one still has geat stuff like the title track Hydar and All Us Boys! Good stuff but get a better reviewer!

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