12 Songs, 1 Hour 15 Minutes


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4.3 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Poop163795 ,

Don’t miss this band

For whatever reason I got my pre-order CD copy 5 days before release date. Cool. It’s a very strong album. Redemption had been my 2nd favorite band for several years. Now that Rush has hung it up they are now number one. Active bands anyway

As a drummer I typically don’t pay much attention to vocals and lyrics but rather absorb them organically over time while dissecting every note of the instruments. So I’m quite surprised that I’ve noticed the absence of Ray so much. Didn’t figure it would make any difference to me. It seems to though. That is in no way a criticism of Tom Englund’s work here. It is top notch. Great singer. It just doesn’t sound like my band. I’ll come around on that. It’s too good not to. He does get a little buried in the mix in places. I think that is a mix problem.

Been through the album twice now. Top notch melodic prog metal. Don’t know another band who does it better

Buy it

TheCobra21 ,


Triumph of a record! The mix is incredible, guitar tone is mind blowing, the lead guitar work will dazzle you and the drumming is CRUSHING! Tom Englund’s vocals fit perfectly with Redemption and I was very pleased as I have always loved his work with Evergrey. Get this album...you will NOT be disappointed!!!

JPAC01 ,


One of the most under rated Prog/Metal bands EVER. Been a fan since 2007. When ever I introduce someone to this band they are always impressed. Big fan of Ray Alders voice but the new guy is growing on me. The musicianship is outstanding. Now if we can only get a tour so I can see them live again.