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4.9 out of 5
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165 Ratings

tylerbyars ,

Soundtrack for every Christians life

Disciple is my all-time favorite band. Hands down. They consistently put out amazing albums and awesome live shows. The quality of their music is impressive, the quality of their lyrics surpasses even that. If you're looking for their heaviest album, this isn't it. If you're looking for their album with their most overt Christian message, this isn't it either (though they never shy away from speaking God's word). What it is is a collection of life anthems. Whether it is God telling you that he will "Erase your yesterday" or you telling your sinful nature that "yesterday I might have said yes, but not today." Long Live the Rebels will quickly become the sound track to your life. Buy it today, you can thank me later ;)

Chucky Chewy ,

Long live Disciple

Ive been a fan of disciple since their first album. I love all their albums, but this album is just amazing in everyway. The guitar rifts and the drums are just spot on. The vocals carry each song with grace and rock. This is a must buy album for anyone who loves rock!

dajesussmiled ,

Not Even Close

I have to say that as a fan of the band for nearly two decades and owning all their albums and seeing them live twelve times I was very dissapointed with this album. The musicianship on this album is weak and lacks the power of previous Discple albums. I find myself not even wanting to listen to this album. I tried many times hoping it would grow on me but it has had the opposite effect. The ballods like Erase, God is With Us, and Empty Grave don't dissappoint. I don't know what they were thinking with songs like Come My Way and Spinning because they are awful. Blackhole has great lyrics but a pretty poor attempt on trying to make it a heavier song. Underdog Fight Song is the only heavier sounding song on the album that is for the most part pretty good but the punk sound in the chorus ruins for me and then the buildup to the breakdown is great and then that is ruined. Poorly constructed rock album. I hope this isn't the direction that they are going in because as a lifelong fan they are capable of writing way better songs on every aspect. Hands down top three worst album from Disciple and if you're an honest fan you know I'm right.

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