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26 Ratings

Contra_Beatz ,

London Motion Picture Soundtrack - Review -

A strong soundscape by The Crystal Method. When I keep in mind that they only had 6 weeks to compose the whole effort (well at least their contributions which is nearly 70 percent of the whole soundtrack) I am a little more forgiving, as to me most (not ALL of them mind you) of the tracks are rather simple...they don't change and morph as a lot of TCM tracks seem to...what you hear after the first minute of the song is what you're gonna keep on hearing until the next track snaps on.

However, the standout tracks make this album a definite required download. The title track, "London", is awesome, and "Smoked" ..yup, better crank that one. "Onesixteen" and "Glass Breaker" are also VERY funky.

As far as the rest of TCM's contributions...their stint with Hyper is a really nice inclusion. The other tracks (Roboslut, Defective, Vice) sound like they'd kick from the samples, but they are actually kinda boring...kinda like a hip hop instrumental vibe, where they aren't very intersting after they start...but that's no problem if you are using this as a dance album...and they do sound funky even if they were put together quickly. It's not like this is a studio album.

Aight well I said my piece. Hold up....probably one of the coolest songs on the whole thing is actually not a TCM joint...if you aren't gonna get the album, do yourself a favor and pick up "Sucker Punch" by Connie Price and The Keystones.

Peace all, and expect some more great things from TCM in the near future.

Preston R ,

Buy "London", it's just the Beginning.

This is going to be a big year for TCM, and the "London" score starts it off just right. In addition to the other artists contributions, and an addictive collaboration with their prodigy Hyper, "London" gives you a great taste of what is to come in 2006. Moving out of the "Bomb Shelter" and into a new Studio, a new Studio Album, a new Tour, and another Motion Picture Soundtrack on it's way... "London" shows that they have still got it and left room to grow.

i am so impure ,

Why do i have to buy the whole damn album?!

i dig tcm but i dont want all the songs i hate it when they make you buy the whole thing!

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